April 02 to 04 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Vivek Kumar" Details

Name :
vivek kumar
Title :
Topic :

When Machine Learning takes on Signal Processing

Abstract :

This talk describes the journey of leading audio and vision researchers and domain experts from using signal processing as their primary tool to using machine learning and deep learning as their first option. This change was not just about using new technology, but also about changing the mindset and reframed the way R&D is done. We will also cover the reasons behind the shift, what worked/what didn't and lessons learned to help guide and inform other teams planning to go through a similar transition.

Profile :
Vivek Kumar is Director, Technology Incubation at Dolby’s Advanced Technologies Group, where he leads Deep Learning and AI development.  At Dolby, his team is responsible for identifying and incubating technologies to enable Dolby to participate in a new market led or technology driven opportunities. The team he previously led was responsible for the development of next-generation audio and surround sound technologies for which Dolby is widely recognized.   Vivek is a lifelong maker, and his compulsion to “build, break and hack” is a trait that extends beyond his workday. Passionate about creative applications of Deep Learning he created ColorizeBot, a twitter bot to colorize b&w photos (twitter.com/ColorizeBot)

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