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Know Your Customers: How to Implement Customer-Centric AI Systems


Understanding your customers is critical to company growth and business success. 80% of your business’ revenue comes from 20% of customers— so how can you identify your most loyal customers and deliver more value to them? In this session, Dr. Sourav Dey will walk through his process for implementing a customer-centric AI strategy. He will discuss how to cast a business problem as a machine learning problem, compile a complete longitudinal customer record, engineer meaningful features using an agile process, and develop a model that can predict the customer lifetime value (CLTV) of a user within a short time of signup. He will describe how this individualized CLTV model has been used to improve decision making by making it faster, better, and more data-driven — including AB testing for marketing channel optimization and product changes. On the way, he will describe a playbook for implementing customer-centric AI solutions for any enterprise.


As managing director and head of machine learning, Sourav is responsible for the overall delivery of data science and data product services to make clients successful. Before Manifold, Sourav led teams to build data products across the technology stack, from smart thermostats and security cams (Google / Nest) to power grid forecasting (AutoGrid) to wireless communication chips (Qualcomm). He holds patents for his work, has been published in several IEEE journals, and has won numerous awards. He earned his PhD, MS, and BS degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.