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AI enabled immersive auditory experiences in VR and AR


Unlike sight, perception of sound is highly dependent on an individual’s anatomical and anthropomorphic features. Delivering a personalized, immersive auditory experience requires knowledge of the user as well as the environment. So far, personalization of auditory experiences has remained an interesting academic problem for acoustic scientists and researchers, requiring time intensive measurement and numerical modeling. In this talk, I will discuss how AI algorithms and a data centric approach can enable individualization and delivery of these experiences at scale for applications that include VR and AR.


Shruti is the co-founder and vice-president of data science at EmbodyVR, where she is leading the research and development of machine learning algorithms for personalized, immersive auditory experiences. Prior to entering the start up world, she was a research scientist in the cognitive experience lab at IBM Research, where her work focussed on developing multimodal machine learning algorithms. Shruti holds a PhD in physics from Cambridge where she developed the theoretical & experimental building blocks for the world's first top-down Terahertz quantum-dot cascade laser.