April 02 to 04 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Robert COHEN" Details

Name :
robert cohen
Title :
Senior Director
Topic :

“The Economic Impacts of Data Analytics and IoT: Do “Live Factories” and Cognitive Intelligence Enhance Gains” in the Global Data Science Conference.

Abstract :

In the past year, firms such as Caterpillar and Tesla have adopted “Live Factories” to collect information from all the machines in a single facility and quickly adjust them to reduce down-time and disruptions. If using IoT resulted in substantial economic benefits for firms such as Ford, Boeing, and John Deere, without using AI and ML as well as cognitive intelligence, will these efforts to integrate AI and ML with IoT increase the expected benefits? This talk will use case studies and present results that tie gains from intelligent machines to the magnitude of the effort firms have made to improve their digital skills and workforces.

Profile :
Experienced empirical economist with over 30 years of experience. Brings extensive expertise in how emerging computing and communications technologies affect specific firms and the US economy. Recognized as an astute forecaster of the impact of emerging technologies, such as virtual worlds, broadband communications, cloud computing and the Internet of Things on GDP, jobs and skills. Dr. Cohen possesses an abundance of experience working with early enterprise adopters of computing and communications technologies in the financial services, aircraft, auto and pharmaceutical industries. He is former president and long-time member of Forecasters Club of New York and extensive experience forecasting how U.S. economic and international growth are affected by new technologies and changes in trade patterns. Former member of Steering Committee for Open Grid Forum and Advisory Committees to COMNET and UNIFORUM, conference organizations.

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