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Applying A.I. to Data Security in the Age of Cloud


In 2017 the average breach cost businesses more than $7M up from $4M in 2015 and the use of public cloud can increase the risk of breaches up to 3X. Surveys have shown that 79% of corporations do not have access to insights that help prioritize their response to data security incidents. This session will cover how innovative A.I. methods can be applied when managing the lifecycle of data in hybrid clouds, including methods to discovery and classify your critical data asses and their security exposures. We will cover the use of knowledge graphs and reasoning engines to address real business problems such as costs, compliance and acceleration of data science projects.


Paulo is a cutting edge technology leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, strong business acumen and a 25-year record of success in delivering visionary technical solutions to business needs, who proactively anticipates and identifies customer needs, masters new concepts and technologies to drive successful businesses. Paulo has true passion for data driven transformation. His patents in data warehousing appliances and data integration processes are examples of such drive for innovation. His 20 years of experience in the field allowed him to develop a very strong background in all aspects of the data cycle, from generation to consumption. Always working directly with several clients being in the financial sector, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, aviation and government, he focused on using technology to drive real business transformation. He spent 18 years in several positions at IBM, focusing on data and analytics for Global Fortune 500 clients, including consulting, product development and corporate strategy. At GE Digital, Paulo brought innovation for data security in the cloud for GE Predix designing SaaS services to handle the challenge coming for regulatory complexities in 170 countries and 10 industries.