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Enabling GPU Data Science with GoAI


GPUs have revolutionized deep learning, and their parallel processing power is ideal for general data science as well. In the past there were challenges to adopting GPU, but GPU Open Analytics Initiative, GOAI, is an open source project that is solving that. The goal is to make it easier for data scientist to adopt and use GPU.

This talk will provide a deep dive into the GOAI ecosystem, discussing everything from SQL to ETL to machine learning, as well as graph analytics and visualization. We will discuss the individual components, benchmarks, and how the various libraries are unified thanks to open standards like the GPU Data Frame, based off Apache Arrow.  Finally, we will discuss various end to end data flows, future plans, and how to join the GPU data science movement.


Joshua Patterson is a Director of AI Infrastructure at NVIDIA focusing on end to end GPU-accelerated data science, and a former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow. Prior to NVIDIA, Josh worked with leading experts across public sector, private sector, and academia to build a next-generation cyber defense platform. His current passions are graph analytics, machine learning, and large-scale system design. Josh also loves storytelling with data and creating interactive data visualizations. Josh holds a B.A. in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an M.A. in economics from the University of South Carolina Moore School of Business.