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Personal Finance in Big Data era


Most of existing Personal Finance applications are boring, because they are all dependent on manual financial data input, the right amount distribution to the right cost, income or balance segments, just boooring. In addition, you have to consider manual input fails together with the impossibility of live update your financial status, to make it even worst experience. These and many other reasons make the existing Personal Finance applications nearly useless. Lately, in the era of #Fintech revolution, there are indications that many startups are providing or will provide Financial data as a service. Even, EU came with new regulation called PSD2 that will make financial data more accesible in a format of Open data concept. PSD2 gives opportunity to built such application in your own, without partnering with any banks to use financial data. To avoid manual input of data into your application, you need a live feed from your transaction data (credit card usage, bank payments etc…) and only manual input for cash amounts. However, cash is insignificant, as we tend to avoid it as much as possible and instead we mostly buy with electrons. Most of the banks offer to their customers a digital bank account where all the transactions are visible and that can the best source to avoid manual input. So, why we do not ask for built-inn application that will serve as Personal Financial app with even more possibilities to serve you.


A decade of experience in the field of Information Technology, where 6 years of experience in Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and Design, Data Warehousing, Data Modelling, Mathematical Modelling, Statistics and lately Data Science. • Experienced in implementing/developing large scale complex projects involving multiple stakeholders and complex processes • Track record of delivering customer focused, well designed, quality products on time, while adapting to shifting and conflicting demands and priorities. • Experience in Data warehouse / Business Intelligence developments, implementation and operation setup • Expertise in Data Modeling, Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics SSAS, MDX and DMX • Knowledge in Data warehouse, Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading ETL • Excellent track record in developing and maintaining enterprise wide web based report systems and portals in Finance, Enterprise wide solutions of BI&Strategy applications • Certified from the best Universities in the World including MIT, Harvard University, Stanford University, UC at Berkeley in relevant fields