April 02 to 04 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


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ali sina
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Machine Learning, Machine Vision and Robot Vision will be at the top of Robotics developers’ priorities in 2018

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INTRODUCTION: Machines can learn in a variety of different ways and it seems like every day there’s a new stealth learning methodology in the works but Machine Vision involves more than just computer algorithms; engineers and roboticists also have to account for camera hardware that allow robots to process physical data. Robot vision is very closely linked to machine vision, which can be given credit for the emergence of robot guidance and automatic inspection systems. Robots can physically affect their environment. AIM: An influx of big data i.e. visual information available on the web (including annotated/labeled photos and videos) has propelled advances in computer vision, which in turn has helped further machine-learning based structured prediction learning techniques leading to robot vision applications like identification and sorting of objects. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Anomaly detection with unsupervised learning, such as building systems capable of finding and assessing faults in silicon wafers using convolutional neural networks. Extrasensory technologies like radar, LIDAR, and ultrasound are also driving the development of 360-degree vision-based systems for autonomous vehicles and drones. RESULTS: Machine learning and robotics is at the top of developers’ priorities for 2018, with 69.4 percent stating that they’re building robotics apps and 48.7 percent of all developers indicating the use of machine learning in their projects. And it will continue to be a top priority. CONCLUSIONS: Machine Learning will remain a long-term priority in robotics due to military contract, massive investments by a barrage of auto-manufacturers, “Drone mania”, a whole new wave of Ai start-ups and innovations quantum scaled by major robotics manufacturers. KEYWORDS: Machine Learning, Robotics, Machine Vision, Robot Vision, Supervises Learning BIOGRAPHY: Ali Sina graduated from USC then completed his Masters from Pepperdine University. He is currently working on next generation AI solutions at UCI Applied Innovation lab. Ali is the Founder and CEO of Forkaia, a cognitive platform that matches data scientists and programmers with AI projects they find interesting.

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USC Undergrad. Pepperdine MBA. UCI Applied Innovation. Currently predicting and building the future at Forkaia using machine learning, AI, data science and neural nets. Four time entrepreneur, fund manager and keynote speaker at robotics & artificial intelligence conferences worldwide. At Forkaia we're building the AI ecosystem of the future and bringing the power of data science & AI to our clients. Our network consists of the most talented engineers and scientists worldwide collaborating and working on some of the most interesting and groundbreaking projects on the planet. Our culture is built around collaboration, experimentation and disruption. We give money, support and resources to the projects we like and tend to incubate a lot of our own ideas. We use the Forkaia ecosystem for constant experimentation and incubate, accelerate and hold a portfolio of our own start-ups. In February 2017 we launched INSOLAR – a technology company that connects solar customers with the best solar panel installers at the lowest prices in the market using Artificial Intelligence. Now we’re working on a Blockchain & Cryptoasset Investment Fund using ai. We’re going to take your savings to the next level...even your spare change. Stay tuned! Visit www.forkaia.com for employment opportunities.

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