April 02 to 04 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Alain Briancon" Details

Name :
alain briancon
Company :
Title :
VP Data Science & Engineering
Topic :

Consumer's Journey Centric Machine Learning & Application to next best action engagement

Abstract :

Customer journeys record the experience of being a customer over time. Journeys capture both company and customer initiated direct touchpoints, retail and digital interactions, regardless of the stage of a customer in the buyer decision process. It encompasses events, when, where and how they occur, what brands, products, and services they involve. Customer experience has emerged as the single most important success factor for companies in all industries. A successful consumer experience drives positive outcomes in the form of increased sales, repeat business, retention, and a higher life value of customers. Sales are measured by customer spend. Customer satisfaction surveys, such as Net Promotion Score, do provide a measure of customer experience across an enterprise. What is the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that measure customer propensity? The Cerebri Value provides enterprises with the means to gauge the impact of interactions on customer experience. A high Cerebri Value means a high propensity to demonstrate this commitment in tangible ways if the opportunity is offered. This demonstration can be by making a purchase, recommending the vendor to a friend, or writing a positive review on social media. The Cerebri Value is produced by analyzing individual customer journeys, and the billions of combinations, sequences and pacing of factors, events and outcomes they are comprised of. Use case applications of Cerebri V≥ values are many and varied. They are being used to understand and optimize a customer's journey towards buying, financing or leasing a car, a luxury item or even a house. We will highlight the results of key engagements.

Profile :

Serial Inventor (200+ patents), serial entrepreneur (5th startup). Used big data for IoT, food, diets, politics, banking,


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