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Advancing Cancer Care with Distributed Rapid Learning


Sharing data in healthcare is very difficult due to the privacy laws and restrictions of PHI. To overcome this problem we are working with international renown cancer centers to not only build a distributed machine learning network but also to bring the results back to the point of care for the benefit of the patient.


Wolfgang entered the Healthcare software world directly following university and 10+ years later, remains fascinated by the intersection between software technology and making a difference in patients' lives. He has been working in the field of knowledge engineering in Healthcare, with a focus on enabling privacy preserving distributed learning techniques that foster global machine learning projects, while adhering to strict data privacy standards. Over the past two years, he began to focus on translating research results to the point of care in order to bring cutting edge research to the bedside. He successfully organized a "Big Data in Oncology" workshop at last year's ESTRO and hosted a "Knowledge in Oncology" session at Varian's bi-annual, international Research Symposium.