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Building Real-time Scoring Engine Capabilities on Cloud


Learn how Capital One is developing a real time analytical scoring platform that can help credit card visitors and customers with better recommendations when they visit Capital One website. We have a team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers working on new innovative big data technologies developing models and machine learning capabilities to personalize visitor content. The presentation will cover some of the technologies we are exploring and also lessons learned in building on scalable cloud platform that can serve requests in a very short time.


Srini Nanduri is Technology Director at Capital One. He is part of Card Technology Group where he gets to work with some amazing Data Engineers and Scientists who are building innovative products every day to change banking for good. Prior to joining Capital One Srini worked at Cisco, US Bank, GDIT, France Telecom and 3Com. Srini received his bachelor's degree in computer science and holds MBA in Strategy and Innovation from Portland State University.