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When It Comes To Data Analytics, Stay Hungry


When it comes to data discovery and analytics, it’s a journey, not a destination. Today’s tools for data discovery – the first step in the analytics process – have made it easy for business users to turn data into visually appealing dashboards that can be quickly delivered to management-level employees. This empowers users to provide insights in a way they couldn’t before, giving them a natural feeling of satisfaction. In fact, these cool visualizations are so well-received in meetings, it can make them feel like a rockstar. More than ever before, organizations in every industry are becoming analytical competitors by introducing analytics that fully leverage their data assets. More importantly, the range of potential applications is endless and the techniques to apply them are readily available. In this talk, Rick will demonstrate how analytics deliver quick value to identify the next best offer for a customer, forecast past performance into the future, quantify risks, automate detection of anomalies and fraud, and expose insights into the real drivers of performance that are usually hidden in the data. In this “Age of Analytics” that we live in today, virtually every organization aspires to do a better job with analytics – Rick calls it Aspir-lytics – but it’s turning those aspirations into action that sets competitors apart.


During his 17-year tenure, Rick Pechter has held a variety of roles at MicroStrategy, a veteran business intelligence and data analytics provider. While managing the company’s Pacific Technology Center in San Diego, Rick was also Senior Director of Advanced Analytics with responsibility for the architecture, design and implementation of MicroStrategy’s advanced analytics and data mining features. He’s authored the MicroStrategyR package for the open source R project and contributed new features to the Predictive Model Markup Language or PMML, the industry's de facto standard for data mining interoperability. Today, Rick’s main focus is on customer adoption, helping organizations successfully inject analytics into their business intelligence applications. He’s worked with hundreds of customers around the world representing a wide variety of industries and sectors, from university and government agencies to Fortune 500 companies. Before joining the MicroStrategy team, he started his career as a hardware engineer at Teradata where he managed hardware and software engineering teams focused on massively parallel enterprise-class computer systems. Rick lives in San Diego with his family where he enjoys bicycling and skiing.