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How Enterprise Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Business Operations Globally


The new wave of AI is producing breakthroughs in many consumer domains, in such areas as self-driving cars, face recognition, language translation, personal assistant bots, and video games.  But we are now starting to see a new form of AI emerging in leading enterprises, who are rethinking their business operations and strategies in light of these fast-moving developments in AI-related technology. Most enterprises, however, have not yet begun this journey, due largely to systemic yet correctable patterns of behavior in their business and operational processes. This talk will describe the factors that have made AI so successful in a number of consumer-oriented domains, and what enterprises need to do to compete effectively in the coming era of Enterprise AI. Specific case studies will be shared.  


Matt Denesuk has devoted his life to using math & data to make the world work better. He is currently the Chief Data Science Officer of, which is working with large enterprises globally to bring the latest AI technologies to make them increasingly data driven, software defined, and constantly improving. Prior to Noodle, he was the Chief Data Science Officer at GE, and the GM of their Data Science Center of Excellence, where he built a global data science consulting and product organization devoted to making “Industrial IoT” real for GE and its customers. Prior to that, Matt led Smarter Planet Modeling & Analytics at IBM Research, where he led analytics-based programs in Financial Optimization, CRM, Social Media, Text Analytics, Environmental Management, and Industrial Operations Management. He was also a Partner in IBM’s Venture Capital Group focused on Analytics, and spent time leading new business incubations from the Research Labs. Prior to IBM, Matt was an entrepreneur in the consumer goods space, and a University Professor. Matt has B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. Degrees from MIT and the University of Arizona.