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Content Data Science at Netflix


Learn how Netflix leverages Big Data, Machine Learning, and Optimization to make more informed content buying decisions. The talk surveys how Content Data Science at Netflix helps in the valuation and programming of Licensed and Originals content, and outlines how this work relates to other Data Science areas at Netflix (such as Recommendations)


Manuel Arora is a Senior Data Scientist in the Content Science and Algorithms team at Netflix, where he works on evaluating and optimizing Netflix's content offering using Data Science and Machine Learning. Manuel's work informs Netflix's content programming strategy, pairing audiences with the most interesting content and evaluating where Netflix should invest their next content dollar using predictive models. Manuel will present an overview of the work done by him and his team, and how it fits into the larger ecosystem of Data Science at Netflix. A mathematician by trade, Manuel worked as a Data Scientist for Twitter and a Researcher at Caltech before joining Netflix in 2016. He currently resides in Los Angeles after having lived in San Francisco for a couple of years.