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Industrial Digital Twins – Concept, Value and Approach


Industrial companies are realizing that to thrive they need to optimize their operations, improve lagging productivity, and develop innovative new business models. Many industrial companies underestimate the complexity of connecting the physical and digital worlds, operating without a platform, methodology, or approach. What’s needed is a new way to build apps optimized for understanding physical assets. Digital twins build the bridge from the physical to the digital worlds, providing understanding of each unique asset over time. They combine IoT data from asset sensors, asset contextual data, physics-based models and sophisticated distributed machine learning models for a constantly improving digital model of industrial components, assets, processes and even entire plants.


Kevin Yang is a Sr. Director of Architecture in GE Digital Predix team. He is leading multiple strategic initiatives in Product Management and Enterprise Architecture. Prior to Predix, he worked in GE Transportation as the chief architect leading big data and reliability management for asset performance management. Before GE, he served several leadership roles as engineering director or chief architect for various tech companies in Silicon Valley, e.g. Cisco, CA Technologies, IBM.