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AI as a Service at Scale: Retail Case Study


In this talk, we will discuss new, emerging applications of AI in the retail industry. The emergence of cloud infrastructure and programmatic software services makes it possible to integrate AI technology into almost every standard software module. Everything from dynamic product ranking to the prediction of individual user attributes and dynamic price optimization becomes a service invoked dynamically for each customer, in real-time, as they visit a retailer's web site, interact with an e-commerce mobile app, or open a retail email. As a case in point, we will illustrate how Jetlore's machine learning rank technology, previously available only to top search engines like Google, is currently utilized by some of the world's largest retailers to power millions of consumer experiences every day. At the end of the session, we will take a sneak peak at the future: how traditional software modules like authentication, code compilation, continuous integration, or system monitoring can all benefit from AI as a service at scale.


Eldar Sadikov is a co-founder and CEO of Jetlore. Jetlore works with some of the world's largest retailers like eBay, Home Depot, Inditex, and Nordstrom Rack developing the AI-driven content ranking technology. Eldar pursued a PhD in Computer Science at Stanford University having worked on predictive statical models for search and large-scale data. In addition, he had stints at Google and Microsoft working on machine learning models for search.