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Continuous Spark ML and Tensorflow AI Model Training and Deployment Across Hybrid Cloud Environments


In this completely demo-based talk, Chris Fregly from PipelineAI will demo the latest 100% open source research in high-scale, fault-tolerant Spark ML and Tensorflow AI Model Training and Serving across a Hybrid AWS, Google, and Azure deployment environment.
All demos will use 100% open source tools including Jupyter Notebook, Docker, Kubernetes, Airflow, Spark, Tensorflow, and NetflixOSS Microservices.  
Chris will focus on continuous ML/AI model deployment, auto-scaling within a cloud environment, and "auto-shifting" between cloud environments for eXtreme High Availability (XHA) and cost-savings.
Everything will originate from a single Jupyter Notebook.  All code is 100% open source and available here:  All Docker images are available here:
This talk will be one of a kind as there nobody else in the world is doing this type of advanced ML/AI deployment strategy.  And we'll do it live on stage!  


Chris Fregly is Founder and Research Engineer at PipelineAI (, a real-time Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Startup based in San Francisco.  

He is also an Apache Spark Contributor, a Netflix Open Source Committer, founder of the Global Advanced Spark and TensorFlow Meetup, author of the O’Reilly Training and Video Series titled, "High Performance TensorFlow in Production."

Previously, Chris was a Distributed Systems Engineer at Netflix, a Data Solutions Engineer at Databricks, and a Founding Member and Principal Engineer at the IBM Spark Technology Center in San Francisco.