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Smart Bots for Frustration-Free Ordering: Balancing Conversational with Buttons


With the surge in number of chat bots on FB messenger, Slack and other such platforms, the temptation to build a fully conversational bot is very high. However, because of the limitations in conversational AI, such bots often lead to frustrations for users. On the other hand, there are bots which are entirely button-based. This approach too, sub-optimal from a customer perspective. This talk explains how to balance your interface between conversational and buttons to provide a superior experience to your users.


Ashu is a product guy, hacker, and data scientist rolled into one. He is the co-founder of 12 Labs’ Applause - a data science based weight loss application. At 12 Labs, Ashu munches data to help Applause user’s loose weight smartly and scientifically.
He loves hiking and running. He has an MBA from UCLA and B.Tech from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. He brings over five years of product development experience