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In Tech We Trust: Why Blockchain Will Bring Long-Anticipated Transformation to Healthcare


Today our healthcare data exists all over the place—with insurance companies and medical providers, pharmacies, government and more. It exists everywhere except with us and within our control. Our data is not our own. While Blockchain is still a difficult concept for consumers to grasp, it’s poised to change the very way we exchange and value information, disrupting the disruptors of the last decade. Nowhere can it be more transformational than in healthcare. Finally, we have the perfect storm to begin the journey of this long-awaited change: blockchain, precision medicine, and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, at a time when trust in business, government, and healthcare institutions is staggeringly low, trust in technology remains high. Walter de Brouwer, co-founder of, will explain how the confluence of these technologies and trust in technology will lead to adoption of blockchain by consumers. He will talk about decentralization in healthcare and how that is the portal to consumer trust, because decentralization means your data is your own and it’s secure. And with the blockchain and networks like’s NRN network opening this spring, you can actually elect to share, sell, or donate your data, if you like. If you think it could help in a data trial—one in which you could learn more about your health by sharing it in a safe way.


Since leaving academia over two decades ago, Walter De Brouwer has been a serial entrepreneur and investor in tech and science. Today, Walter is the CEO and cofounder of, a platform designed to let people train their own medical AI so that they can organize their own data trials to accelerate research and convert the millions of biomarkers in their body into a financial asset. Founded in August 2016, recently closed a successful Initial Coin Offering to decentralize its AI. Prior to, Walter co-founded Scanadu Inc., a $57million venture-backed health technology company, where he was CEO until 2016.