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Smart Contracts Track: When Smart Contracts Prove To Be Dumb: Arbitration And Dispute Resolution Mechanisms


Smart contracts often have coding errors, security vulnerabilities, and genuine disputes. Sagewise is a dispute resolution infrastructure for smart contracts that allows contracting parties a variety of dispute resolution solutions via a marketplace, complete with technical tools to monitor and freeze smart contracts, and enable enforcement and collections of resolved disputes.


Terrence Yang is Acting Chief Strategy Officer of Sagewise, a dispute resolution infrastructure for smart contracts. He founded Yang Ventures where he invests in primarily cryptocurrency startups and ICOs as an angel investor and advises cryptocurrency projects. He is published in Forbes, Newsweek and Business Insider, and mentioned in Wikipedia, and Forbes. As a Quora Top Writer the last 5 years and a Quora Top Question Writer the last 3 years, Terrence’s content has been viewed over 15 million times. He spoke, moderated, judged or paneled events at, sponsored or put on by Silicon Valley Bitcoin Meetup, BitPanel, SF Bitcoin, BoostVC, Plug and Play Bitcoin Accelerator, Founders Space, Kauffman Institute, Startup UCLA, UCLA Anderson, Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School Angels, Merage Institute, Kauffman Institute, AARP and others. He mentored at Plug and Play Bitcoin accelerator, Alchemist, Startup UCLA and Caltech FLoW. Terrence was COO of crowdsourced content startup Infobitt, founded by Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger. Terrence was also Vice President at Morgan Stanley, Managing Director at a $1B+ fund, and Director and Senior Counsel at Merrill Lynch. Terrence helped build and execute many innovative financial products for his Wall Street employers, including a structured credit product with a current net notional amount exceeding $200 billion. He holds a JD from Harvard Law School and BS in Psychobiology from the University of Southern California.