April 02 to 04 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "SK Reddy" Details

Name :
sk reddy
Company :
Title :
Chief Product Officer AI & ML
Topic :

Anonymity in Cryptocurrencies

Abstract :

Can the users be anonymous? Can the transactions be anonymous? Who to remain anonymous? What are the legal, ethical, etc. issues that will arise of this feature? Many questions need to be answered in the context of anonymity in cryptocurrency economy.


Can the transactions or identity be completely anonymous? Anonymous or pseudoanonymous? Why and how? What info should remain anonymous?


Blockchain ledger is public and hence maintaining anonymity is hard. 


I would like to discuss various user behaviors, some techniques, etc. to allow users and transactions to remain anonymous. 



Beginners: This presentation is for bitcoin and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts to understand the underlying need, purpose and benefits of anonymity.


Experienced: This presentation will discuss various techniques, user habits and third-party solutions that will enhance or reduce anonymity.


Profile of the speaker:

SK is the Chief Product officer AI & ML in Digitalist (www.digitalist.global). Also he is a successful twice start-up entrepreneur and isan AI and ML expert.  He is a frequent speaker in conferences and meetups. Additionally, he is a ML blogger. 


Here are some links to his profile.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/s-k-reddy-3473763/ 

Blogs: www.linkedin.com/in/s-k-reddy-3473763/recent-activity/posts/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/skreddy99/videos

Profile :

SK is the Chief Product officer AI in Hexagon (www.hexagon.com). He is also an AI and ML expert and a successful twice startup entrepreneur. He is a frequent speaker in conferences and an AI blogger

His focus is to develop ML models to combine image and text processing. Also he has developed solutions in text summarization, question-answering and text mining.

Additional information about Mr Reddy could be found at linkedin.com/in/sk-reddy/.


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