April 02 to 04 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Renat Khasanshyn" Details

Name :
renat khasanshyn
Company :
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Topic :

Etherisc – Decentralized Insurance

Abstract :

Etherisc builds decentralized insurance. The vision is to create a decentralized insurance platform that enables anyone to build their own insurance products on the Ethereum blockchain.Etherisc Flight Delay at fdd.etherisc.com is the first working product using the platform, a real insurance business operating with smart contracts on Ethereum.Initially launched over a year ago for Devcon2, the decentralized app is now legal, licensed and regulated insurance and sells flight delay policies to paying customers. The Flight Delay smart contracts generate real revenue from insurance premiums in ETH and fiat. Reant will present the flight delay product, share learnings from the development and first weeks of operation.

Profile :

Renat Khasanshyn, Co-Founder of Etherisc. Before joining Etherisc, Renat was Venture Partner at Runa Capital and CEO of Altoros. 

Most recently Renat led inception of insurance practice at Altoros together with its key customers Allianz, Allstate and Liberty Mutual, focusing on canonical use cases of blockchain, - fronting, reinsurance and insurance securitization (catastrophe bonds). 

Renat co-founded Altoros, a 250+ employee strong software and research laboratory in the area of distributed databases, container orchestration & developer marketplaces.


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