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SeaZones: Sustainable Floating Islands with Special Governing Frameworks.


Blue Frontiers is building floating islands to foster innovative new societies and governing structures, to provide blue-technologies to adapt to the impending rising seas, and to increase human potential. With the endorsement of the government of French Polynesia and the support of professionals from around the world, Blue Frontiers will build self-sustaining, semi-autonomous floating islands, the first of which will be located in a sheltered lagoon in Tahiti.


He is a director and cofounder of Blue Frontiers, a new company developing floating islands that will be stationed in special economic zones, first in French Polynesia. Randy has been the pragmatic Executive Director of The Seasteading Institute, a nonprofit think-tank promoting the development of new societies with new governments at sea. He signed an agreement with the government of French Polynesia to establish the first seasteading pilot project with a “special governing framework” in a protected lagoon. Blue Frontiers is collaborating with the French Polynesian government to create “seazone” legislation and to develop the first floating islands by 2020. Blue Frontiers plans to fund a portion of the floating islands and seazone development through a tokenized crowdsale.