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Practical Use of Blockchain across Industry Verticals


There is a common misconception that blockchain is only for use in the financial services sector. This talk will explain how distributed ledgers utilizing blockchain and other technologies have wide applicability in a number of industry verticals outside of the financial services vertical. This session hopes to accomplish various objectives including: • Introduce the concept of decentralized computing • Compare and contrast traditional client-server computing to decentralized computing • How decentralized computing can be leveraged in multiple industry verticals • The Role of Distributed Ledgers (Blockchain, DAG) in decentralized computing • Discuss the different private and public distributed ledgers • Describe the role of tokens and cryptocurrencies in distributed ledgers We will present examples of uses of blockchain technology in several industries including Shipping, Automotive, Smart CIty. We will offer a working demonstration of the use of Blockchain in a public network e.g. smart parking, smart metering etc.


CEO, NetObjex Inc based in Southern California. Formerly with Yahoo, Infospace, PwC, and with 3 successful startup exits. Wharton MBA in Finance, MS in Computer Science from RPI, Ex-Columbia University Adjunct Lecturer, published author and major conferences including IoT Congress, Google IO, and more. Current focus areas: Decentralized computing, Distributed ledgers, IoT, Cryptocurrencies.