April 02 to 04 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Michael Slinn" Details

Name :
michael slinn
Title :
Chief Technology Officer
Topic :

Smart Contracts that Learn

Abstract :

"Smart Contracts That Learn" is a big topic, and very little has been published to date, so this presentation will survey the entire topic. The presentation will cover:

• Quick refresher on what a smart contract is.

• High-level comparison of smart contracts as they are implemented on platforms available today.

• Brief discussion of what ‘learning’ means in modern computing environments.

• Discussion of various ways that contracts might learn.

* Use cases.

Profile :
Mike is a Principal at Micronautics Research and Managing Editor of ScalaCourses.com. Still a prolific programmer, Mike has forty years of experience as a software professional, and has contributed to several Ethereum-related open source projects. Mike focuses on value creation, including business drivers, technology and development methodology. Mike has published 3 books and dozens of technical articles on distributed systems topics. Trained as an electronics engineer, Mike has been recognized as an software expert in US federal court since 2003 and by a European ITC tribunal in 2014. Mike has done numerous technology evaluations for investors and underwriters.

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