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Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Decentralized Markets


Can traditional markets and avenues for raising capital be reconciled with the ICO, the red hot, emerging method of raising business capital? Since the SEC announcement in July 2017, ICO issuers have been caught in the upheaval of viral popularity, undefined regulation, and rapidly advancing technology with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, leaving the traditional capital markets awash with questions. In this talk, CEO of iComplyICO Matthew Unger shares his perspective on the nature of the finance industry and his predictions for how ICOs will revolutionize fundraising in the years to come.


Matthew Unger is the founder and CEO of iComplyICO (iComply Investor Services Inc.), a regulatory technology platform that automates compliance procedures for initial coin offerings (ICOs), enabling them to be securely utilized as efficient financial instruments. Matthew is an experienced innovation management consultant and a founding partner of Ascension Innovation Management. His work specializes in providing thought leadership, technology, and innovation management to help organizations build their capacity to grow and scale exponentially. He has worked on projects ranging from Richard Branson’s Virgin Oceanic to projects for publicly traded companies, crown corporations, and SMEs. Previously, Matthew studied fintech and innovation management at MIT and spent over 7 years in the Canadian financial services sector. Matthew sits on several advisory boards, boards of directors and is a volunteer mentor and judge to various development programs, including New Ventures BC.