April 02 to 04 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Marco Peereboom" Details

Name :
marco peereboom
Company :
Title :
Chief Technology Officer
Topic :

Advancing Blockchain Technology through Governance

Abstract :

Come find out why decentralized blockchain governance is not the snoozefest people think it is. Governance solves the all too real forking crisis that is currently fracturing the crypto community.

Profile :
Marco Peereboom is currently the New Systems Development Lead for Decred, a cutting-edge crypto currency that provides advancement in blockchain technology while also offering true governance. He is an avid open source developer who has been actively involved in Decred since its inception. Prior to Decred he worked on and around several Bitcoin projects. He originated several innovations such as on-chain voting which set Decred apart from other digital currencies. He serves as the CTO of Company Zero and continues to hack on Decred's next generation digital governance tools. When not plastered in front of a screen Marco enjoys cooking, brewing, baking and farming chickens.

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