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Past, Present & Future of ICO


An ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is any project's issuing of digital units, or tokens, and changing them to investments. In 2017, according to, all ICOs attracted over $4 billion. By contrast, this amount was $101 million in 2016. Some say this marks a transition into a new economy; governments and central banks remain as ever concerned about issues of control and anonymity; and still others point out that several projects that have passed through the ICO phase have turned out to be complete scams. In fact, that governments of many countries have taken it upon themselves to regulate cryptocurrency and ICOs, while the projects themselves are trying to increase their transparency. It's no longer enough for investors to see a white paper and landing page. More compelling documents are required, but only a handful of people know which to choose and how to draft them. The Finom company can already boast the successful launch of security tokens in the jurisdiction of the US and Switzerland and can share its experience of legally carrying out that procedure.


Chief Executive Officer of Finom AG, TabTrader founder. Holds an MSc in Investment Management cum laude from Cass Business School in London and a BSc in Economics from the University of Warwick. 2009 – 2013, CEO of OLS ltd. that developed stock trading strategies based on chaos, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithm theory. Devised his own trading strategy based on volatility in inter-commodity correlation.