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Cryptoeconomics - The Application of economic systems, incentives and mechanisms


Cryptoeconomics is the application and study of economic systems, incentives and mechanisms (ESIMS) within distributed ledger implementations such as blockchain technology. Cryptoeconomics is a fundamental aspect of achieving systems that doesn’t rely on a 3rd party for its value. This was evidenced in Nick Szabo’s discussion of Bit Gold in December of 2008. He demonstrated the value of incentives that weren’t solely philosophical, but based on profit maximization within the context of the system. This is the line of thinking which led to the success of Bitcoin’s elective economy and cryptoeconomics. The success of Bitcoin has created a market that is unlike anything in recent history. It has led to the creation of a rich project ecosystem. This talk will cover some of the significant considerations when designing a cryptocurrency.


Delivered a 10x return as the Co-founder for the Quantum Resistant Ledger, leading to a $100 Million+ Valuation. Facilitated the raise of an additional million dollars for social enterprises and non-profit activities at the Oasis Project. PhD Candidate at Carnegie Mellon University in Engineering & Public Policy with a focus on risk assessment and system design.