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A Hybrid Approach to Building Distributed Ledger Platforms for Financial Institutions using Blockchains, Big Data and Cloud.


Mr. Ganesan will introduce a hybrid approach at building Distributed Ledger Platforms by combining the best of Blockchains, Big Data and Cloud technologies. Mr. Ganesan will discuss how financial institutions around the world are exploring various practical applications using blockchain technology. Specifically, he will present several issues that the banking and financial sector are looking to address, including mapping of workflows associated with processing trades, transactions and events across front, middle, back-office systems. Mr. Ganesan will describe how blockchain-based event lineage-driven analytics, operational insights and compliance reports can simplify multiple applications and reduce operational expenses significantly in large multinational financial institutions.


Gangesh Ganesan is a co-founder of Peernova and serves as its President and Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Ganesan is a sought-after inspirational thought leader and frequent speaker at blockchain technology conferences. Mr. Ganesan is an experienced technologist and entrepreneur and has worked in senior management, technical, marketing and product management roles in many prominent companies in Semiconductor, Cloud, and Software industries. Before founding PeerNova, Mr. Ganesan worked on streaming real-time applications in Big Data for the company, Locomatix, that was acquired by Twitter and the platform open-sourced as Heron. Prior to that, Mr. Ganesan was President and CEO of Ubicom, a network processor company that was acquired by Qualcomm. Mr. Ganesan has over two decades of experience in networking, deep packet inspection and distributed systems. Prior to joining Ubicom, Mr. Ganesan served as Director of Strategic Marketing for Marvell Semiconductor. Mr. Ganesan also served as Director of Marketing for TCAMs and Networking Search Engines at Cypress Semiconductor. Mr. Ganesan started his career as an ASIC designer and Systems Architect at the Telex communications division of Bosch Communications. Mr. Ganesan has an MBA and an MS, both from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and a BE from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai, in India.