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BlockChain and Data Science


The blockchain is just not some volatile cryptocurrency that speculators can make money off of, it was initially created as decentralized computation platform which can bring trust to the legitimacy of every transaction through consensus. These few characteristics make it an extremely strong tool for every data scientist. The right audience for this talk will be any curious data scientist who wants to know what is next and how they can leverage the massive data sets stored on the blockchain. Also, how other capabilities of blockchain technology can be used for data science algorithms. We will use our platform, Geppetto, to detect fake news using blockchain and data science as an example.


Farshad Kheiri is a Lead Data Scientist at BCG Digital Ventures (DV), the corporate innovation, incubation and investment arm of The Boston Consulting Group. Since joining DV in 2016, Farshad has drawn on his more than ten years of experience in the data science field to help build new digital businesses for large multinational corporations. Most recently, Farshad worked on Geppetto, a first-of-its kind fake news detection platform which uses blockchain technology and natural language processing. Prior to DV, Farshad worked in the startup space as a scientist where he conducted research, development and served as a mathematical modeler. These startups include Zestfinance, Entrepreneurial Finance Lab and Elevate Credit Inc. He also worked at Wedbush Securities, a hedge fund, where he worked as a Quantitative Market Analyst. Before tech industry, Farshad spent many years in the world of academics. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering. He holds two Masters degrees in Electronics and Digital Signal Processing. In 2008, Farshad received his PhD from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in Digital Signal Processing and Communication Systems with a minor Math.