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Build Your Own Smart Contract with Blockchain


Blockchain smart contracts hold the promise to revolutionize how contracts will be built and fulfilled. Holberton School is uniquely building a testbed to determine whether users could choose the components that go into a smart contract in much the same way as a Build Your Own Burger scenario. We will share key learnings from this live testbed.


As the former Data Privacy and Security Leader at Cisco Systems, Evelyn founded OpenSource Privacy as a technology framework for Internet of Things transactions to empower end users with consumer-digestible privacy while enabling enterprises to apply innovative ways of using data. Her work serves as a best practice to the industry on monetizing privacy. Evelyn continues her advisory work to the Cloud Security Alliance focusing research on emerging areas, such insider threats and data exfiltration on the deep and dark web. Evelyn cofounded Cloud Data Protection Cert, as a standardized blueprint for cloud providers and cloud consuming organizations for data protection. Evelyn has been recognized as a Top 10 Women in Cloud in 2014 by CloudNOW and as a Silicon Valley Business Journal Woman of Influence in 2015.