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Analysis of blockchain and Parallel blockchain


Existing blochains are linear, PKI is slow and heavy in CPU. Block chains are slow in aggregation, statistics, search, classification, large data….etc. and most block chain projects are technically or economically impossible. The two biggest pain points of Bitcoin are performance (600 sec for transaction to finish) and security. As the chain size grows over 100 GB, and shopping transactions surge, this problem gets worse each day. A hard-fork can divide the traffic but creates a competitor; Segwit and Segwit2 increase the block size but also has increased latency. These problems are inherent to the current block chain design where the hash of packing transactions are stored in the block header; and the whole block hash is then stored in the next block to create strong dependency and immutability, which entails sequential processing. SCC is the 1st parallel block chain and can be processed by hundreds of CPU. It is super fast and cheap in fee. Parallel processing is indispensable for blockchain in daily shopping.


CEO of Macrosql Technology. Dave was performance architect in Intel, Oracle, Comverse Tech and WebEx. He gained cycle-accurate performance tuning experience in each layer of data center: apps, DB, OS, CPU, motherboard, storage and switch/routers. Dave has a Master in computer science with straight As from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, NY. Linkedin