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Introducing FlureeDB, the world's first ACID-compliant Blockchain Database


FlureeDB is a new Graph-style database that allows developers to bring blockchain characteristics into everyday SaaS applications in a practical, data-friendly deployment. Using blockchain technology, each transaction within FlureeDB is time stamped and cryptographically secured as part of a continuous, chronological update to a digital ledger. The ledger may be privately held, shared amongst a consortium of entities, or publicly available. FlureeDB leverages the use of “Composite Blockchain Consensus,” in which developers can partition their data to lie on either a public, private, or internal blockchain, but join together to act as one database from an application's point of view. This innovation allows a single application system to consist of a hybrid of consensus characteristics based on data needs. Developers from all corners of the database landscape will also be pleased to find that FlureeDB can materialize as multiple database types, including Graph, Document and Event Log. In addition to harnessing the power of blockchain, FlureeDB is first and foremost a powerful new database that offers a host of impressive database features, most notably: ACID Compliance Built in Permission Model Rich Query Point in Time Query Immutability Tamper Resistance Censorship Resistance Built-in partitioning Multiple sharding and joins to act as a single Database


Brian Platz pioneered as a creator, evangelizer, and executive throughout the internet and SaaS boom, and is now helping companies navigate the complexity of the blockchain enterprise movement. Prior to establishing FlureeDB -- a blockchain database for decentralized applications -- Brian co-founded SilkRoad Technology which grew to over 2,000 customers and 500 employees in 12 global offices. Brian serves on the Board of Directors for Fuel 50, one of the highest growth HR technology startups, and several other boards in an advisory capacity. He is the co-founder of the popular A List Apart web development community.