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Blockchain-Based Identity Management & Upcoming ICO


Demonstrate the applicability of blockchain technology to privacy respecting identity management using ShoCard, Inc.’s approach. ShoCard was started with exactly this purpose in mind, to utilize the blockchain as a fully encrypted, public and distributed data store to allow individuals and enterprises to manage identity information in a completely secure way. With this approach, ShoCard addresses the increasingly difficult problem of managing identity in both real-world and online contexts. This presentation describes the ShoCard model and includes a pilot use cases for global identity management solutions and token offering for upcoming ICO.


Armin Ebrahimi is Founder and CEO of ShoCard, a digital identity verification system that protects consumer privacy through patented use of mobile devices and the blockchain. An industry veteran, he brings more than 30 years of experience in scalable platforms, online services, mobile-development and digital advertising to the ShoCard team. Before founding ShoCard, Armin was the CEO of Dynamic Retargeting, an AOL company. Prior to filling this role, he was Senior Vice President of Platform Engineering at Yahoo, with responsibility for Yahoo’s registration and anti-fraud platform services. He also built Yahoo’s original Display Advertising platform that served more than 20 billion transactions a day. Armin founded and was CEO of TRIicon Solutions, acquired by Tandem Computers. Armin holds a doctorate in organizational management from Capella University, as well as Master and Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science from California State University – Chico.