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Blockchain: Internet^2


While many think about blockchain as “Internet 3.0”, I believe the potential of blockchain is better thought about as “Internet^2”. Whereas Internet 3.0 implies a linear evolution of our connected web, Internet^2 implies an exponential offshoot of the structures that define how we connect with each other through technology on an individual and institutional level. In my signature keynote I will introduce this framework and discuss how this way of thinking about blockchain can guide us when deciding which projects to rally behind in the years to come, leveraging my perspective as a long-term evangelist and investor in the space.


Andy Tang is a Partner at Draper Associates, Managing Director of Draper Dragon Fund, and CEO of Draper University. With over 15 years of operating, R&D, investment banking, and venture capital experience in the high-tech space, Andy first started investing in blockchain companies in 2013 and has been an active investor and evangelist since then. In 2017, CB Insights recognized Draper Associates as the leading sector agnostic fund in blockchain investments, and, in addition to managing a traditional venture fund, Draper Dragon recently launched two digital asset funds. Notable investments in the space include Telegram, Ledger, Coinbase, Tezos, Bancor, VeChain, Unikrn, AELF, Keep, Ripio, QTUM, Credo, and Boost VC (Filecoin, Aragon, MyEtherWallet, Etherscan). Prior to his current roles, Andy was a Partner at ABB Technologies Ventures and Infineon Ventures, an Investment Banker at Credit Suisse First Boston, and a Senior Engineer at Intel. Andy received his MBA from the Wharton School of Business and his Master’s in CSEE @ MIT. You may have heard him keynote at the Blockchain Connect Conference (January 2018), ICO Funding Summit (December 2017), Blockchain Expo North America (November 2017), or the SVIEF US-China New Media Summit (September 2017).