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Fighting Fraud Everywhere with the Blockchain


Many traditionally centralized industries struggle with high rates of fraud and limited visibility into supply chains that result in billions of lost revenue, illness, and even death. This presentation will dive into three such industries, how blockchain is being implemented, and blockchain projects disrupting each industry to solve these issues.


Alex Linebrink is a serial fintech entrepreneur and blockchain technology evangelist. In 2014, Alex founded Passage Inc, a platform that powers ticketing and payments for specialty event categories, bringing them lower fees, improved customer service, and customized functionality and branding wherever possible. Since 2014 Passage has grown at 2-3x per year, and now services thousands of events around the globe. In 2017, Alex and his team at Passage launched PassageX ( to fix a broken event ticketing industry using blockchain technology. PassageX has already tracked $7.5M+ in ticket sales on the blockchain: helping to eliminate fraud, lower transaction fees, and allow fairer revenue splits for artists and venues. Beyond his business pursuits, Alex is a cryptocurrency and blockchain technology enthusiast (speaking at conferences around the world promoting the usage of blockchain technology), drone builder/pilot, and hobbyist coffee roaster.