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Architecting the Big Data Portal at Netflix


Netflix’s Big Data Platform enables the company to leverage our data warehouse to make informed data driven decisions. Initial consumers of data were highly technical and could leverage tools targeted primarily at an engineering audience. Over the last few years our employee user base has also grown dramatically. Our most frequent users come from DEI, S&A, and Product, but the number of users vary widely across organizations ranging from Content, Studio, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Customer Service and HR. As the diversity and needs of the platform users grew, the complexity of interacting with the Data Platform grew as well. This talk would describe the evolution of building features like commenting, subscriptions, collections, and recommendations that made it easier for our users to manage and interact with the data platform.
Who is this presentation for?
Software Engineers, Product Managers, Data Scientists
Prerequisite knowledge:
Big Data, Machine Learning
What you'll learn?


Akshaya is currently the Director of Engineering in the Data Platform Group at Netflix. She is passionate about building high performing teams and working directly with the stakeholders. She has managed teams in Asia, Europe and the USA. She has extensive experience in cross-functional team management, incubating new businesses and technology partnerships, software development and thought leadership. She has served on the leadership committee for the IEEE WIE ILC and on the content committee for Anita Borg's Grace Hopper Conference. She is currently serving on the advisory board for two non-profit organizations.