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Kubeflow Update Presentation and Demonstration


In this presentation and demonstration, attendees will learn about the Kubeflow mission statement, the Kubeflow 1.2 release, Kubeflow components, common operational gaps in supporting a Kubeflow stack, software stacks for enterprise-grade kubeflow, what’s coming in Kubeflow 1.3 and how to get involved in the Kubeflow Community.  The demonstration will provide a brief review of valuable ML workflows i.e. how to deploy and monitor an ML model, along with the automated process to build a kubeflow pipeline that will train and tune an ML model.


Josh Bottum, Kubeflow Community Product Manager
Josh is currently a Kubeflow Community Product Manager and a VP of Community Relations at Arrikto.  Since the Kubeflow v0.5 release, Josh has helped to improve the Kubeflow user experience by volunteering to triage GitHub issues, conducting user surveys, gathering requirements/roadmaps, and summarizing Kubeflow releases in blog posts, demonstrations and presentations.   Arrikto is a major code contributor to the open-source Kubeflow Community project.