January 17 to 19 2018, Santa Clara, USA.

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Name :
upendra mardikar
Company :
Title :
VP Technologies
Topic :

Artificial Intelligence Use Case

Abstract :

Artificial Intelligence Use Case

Profile :
Security needs to be seen in a completely different light. It should be seen not only as a process problem but also a technology problem. As a seasoned, creative and passionate senior security , engineering and product executive, I am focused on securing legacy as well as hybrid Cloud Saas/Paas/Iaas platforms and big data. I have over 20 years of experience conceptualizing, selling, leading, shipping, building and scaling security teams. I have successfully built, grown and led global security teams (US and India) as well as held various executive positions at American Express, Visa and PayPal. At American Express, I am leading the Security charter to transform the company's security from a process and policy driven culture into a high power technology, Security and Identity organization to effect rapid delivery and lower security issues. Passion to solve security problems creatively is reflected in number of patents issued and pending. 87+ and counting.
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