January 17 to 19 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Rishi Yadav" Details

Name :
rishi yadav
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Topic :

Evolution of Blockchain towards a true hybrid enterprise smart contract platform (Rishi Yadav, CEO, Infoobjects)

Abstract :

Zettabytes(ZB) is a hybrid smart contracts platform which allows you to seamlessly integrate off-chain transactions in permissioned environment  with public blockchain in permissionless environment. Our computational model is optimized to provide enterprise grade features in off-chain transactions like sub-second latency, big data storage and arbitrarily complex workflows/contracts execution on one hand while to  leverage transparency of public blockchain on the other. The value proposition is to maximize decentralization in trusted environment and therefore encourage development of decentralized apps or DApps.  The system is designed to enable DAPPS development in cloud native abstraction so that it aligns with enterprise public cloud adoption initiatives. The system is without transaction fees but adequate mining incentive are provisioned to keep system secure and accurate.

Profile :

Rishi is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi, with 15 years experience designing and developing business and financial applications for HP, Wells Fargo Bank, Cisco Systems and Netflix. He is an open source software expert, teaches our intensive developer courses, advises Silicon Valley firms on Big Data trends and technologies, and has been featured in industry events and interviews as an open source/Big Data evangelist.


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