January 17 to 19 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Omar Tawakol" Details

Name :
omar tawakol
Company :
Title :
Topic :

The Rise Of Voice-Activated Assistants In The Workplace

Abstract :

In his talk, Omar will explain his thesis on why voice-activated AI is the most important development to come to the workplace. The market is already demonstrating strong value in the home for these types of tools, but the work environment is quickly starting to catch up. He will pull from his experiences creating Eva, the first enterprise voice assistant focused on making meetings more actionable and he will dive specifically into the challenges of automatic speech recognition, natural language processing and neural networks that make it difficult to create these kinds of voice-activated assistants. More importantly he will speak to how he and his team have overcome these challenges.

Profile :
Omar Tawakol is Chief Executive Officer of Voicera. Prior to Voicera, Omar Tawakol was the founder and CEO of BlueKai which built the worlds largest consumer data marketplace and DMP. Oracle acquired BlueKai in 2014 & Omar served as the SVP & GM of the Oracle Data Cloud. Omar earned an MS in CS from Stanford (BS, MIT) where he researched and published work on AI agents.

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