January 17 to 19 2018, Santa Clara, USA.


Speaker "Gaurav Agarwal" Details

Name :
gaurav agarwal
Company :
Title :
Topic :

Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles

Abstract :

With the recent advancement in the development of Autonomous Vehicles, it is likely that today’s young kids would never need a driver license. Developing an autonomous vehicle that works in every condition is hard and this technology breakthrough is being made possible by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this session, we will talk about the latest in Autonomous vehicles and discuss how AI is enabling the autonomous vehicles.

Profile :
Gaurav currently manages Business Development for Automotive at NVIDIA. Before this role, he was responsible for product management for NVIDIA Autonomous Driving SDK “DriveWorks”. Previously he has held business development, marketing and engineering leadership roles at Texas Instruments. Gaurav did his M.S. in Electrical engineering from University of Maryland and MBA from University of Texas at Austin. He has several publications in the area of image processing and computer vision and holds two US patents.

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