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Machine Learning platformization in the Enterprise: enabling AI at scale - a VC view


Gartner reports Machine Learning today at the peak of inflated expectations in the technology hype cycle, hinting massive adoption in 2-3 years from now. 

Tools and MLaaS platforms (Machine Learning as a Service) have reached enterprise grade maturity enabling corporations to embrace ML at scale. 

It’s precisely at the peak of the hype when corporations need to evaluate emerging technologies and commit to the necessary transformations to lead and and maintain a competitive edge.

The AI/ML venture capital landscape, as a source of capital in emerging industries, serves as a perfect proxy to understand these trends and spot the right timing for decision making.

In this talk we will navigate through the enterprise AI/ML startup landscape as well as the M&A and VC activity to end up with practical recommendations for corporations to adopt ML at scale as an enabler for future AI applications.


Ed is a seasoned mobile industry veteran with more than two decades of experience combined. Member of the Young Presidents' Organization, a worldwide non for profit association of leaders and entrepreneurs under 45.

He is Partner & Co-founder of, a venture capital boutique in Palo Alto, focusing on technology based start ups and early stage companies, preparing them for M&A and IPO in alternative markets.

As a VC practitioner he started in 2012 as investor and venture partner in a $10MM Start Up venture fund with 12 companies in portfolio. He is board observer & advisor to some of them.

Ed's first computer was a Commodore 64 back in the 80s, a 64Kb RAM machine running on a 1 MHz CPU. Avid assembler programmer he became an amateur hacker at that time.

Ed lives in Palo Alto with his family. He is mission driven, and a parallel multitasker with nerd traits: curious, ENTP, self-made, resilient, highly functional and finisher of Madrid's marathon (all an euphemism for modern ADHD).