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Systems That Learn


The goal of the Systems That Learn initiative is to accelerate the development of systems and applications that learn. We intend to accomplish this goal through combining our expertise in Systems and Machine Learning to create new applications for understanding complex relationships from the avalanche of data available today. Systems That Learn has been created to to enable cross-collaboration and accelerate development of innovative human-like systems to serve the world.


Stephen C. Buckley serves as Technical Director of at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). Previously, Steve served MIT as Director of Systems Engineering, Executive Director of the Kerberos and Internet Trust Consortium, and Associate Director of the Center for Digital Business. He is the founder of the MIT CIO Summit, and the Co-founder of the MIT CIO Symposium. Steve received the Andrew W. Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration in 2008 for MIT’s work on Kerberos. He is a graduate of Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.