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Multi-model Data Management for a Complex World


Real-world problems are messy. In many cases, you'll need to represent more than one kind of data to represent a problem. In the past, this meant forcing data into a single model, or wiring up multiple tools resulting in a complex and brittle architecture. By deploying a multi-model database, data can be represented in its most natural form, allowing you to focus on the most important problem: how can you use that data to solve your business' problems? In this workshop, we'll experience storing documents and semantic triples together in MarkLogic to see how combining two models brings a richer understanding than either would alone.


During his career as a software developer, David Cassel has built applications ranging from quick proof-of-concepts to production systems for customers across such verticals as Public Sector, Financial Services, Medical, and Telecommunications. He has also built a number of developer productivity tools, some of which can be found on GitHub. Besides building applications, Dave enjoys building and delivering educational material in a variety of formats, including blog posts, YouTube videos, and Meetup presentations.