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Real Time Analytics on Heterogeneous Data


This talk will present use cases and experiences about running big data architecture for real time use cases in production. Specifically, we focus on Presto, Druid, and Hadoop, where Hadoop Distributed File System serving as scalable storage engine, Presto as interactive query engine, and Druid as real time analytics engine. We will talk about our optimizations and experiences that keep pushing big data technologies to the next level, including reliability, scalability, and performance.

Who is this presentation for?
Data Analysts, Software Engineers, Data Scientists
Prerequisite knowledge:
basic understanding of big data and machine learning
What you'll learn?
big data architecture, real time analytics



Zhenxiao Luo is an engineering manager at Uber, where he runs the interactive analytics team. Previously, he led the development and operations of Presto at Netflix and worked on big data and Hadoop-related projects at Facebook, Cloudera, and Vertica. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a bachelor’s degree from Fudan University.