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Raising $100 million: Lessons Along the Way


Mr. Sharma, a former GE-executive-turned-entrepreneur has been successfully raising capital for past 25 years in a variety of business scenarios: be it ‘deep recession’ or ‘booming economic times’, be it few 100Ks or few million $$s, be it a Startup or an Investment Fund, be it domestic money or international. The sources of capital too had a wide spectrum; from angels to institutions. In this presentation, he shares his understanding, lessons and experiences of capital raise. Currently, Open Range Capital is a $100 million investment fund that invests into next generation Innovation Hubs (iHUBs) in Tier II, Tier III cities and other underserved markets across USA. The firm’s investment focus is to nurture early growth startups in digital technologies that can transform old industrial era businesses. These technologies include: cybersecurity, smart sensors, sparse and large data analytics, embedded systems, IoT, ML, AI, AR/VR, Immersive, controls, automation and distributed systems i.e., “complete data supply chain”. Recently, Suresh co-authored - “INDUSTRIALIZING INNOVATION – The Next Revolution” (2019). The book lays financial, operational and intellectual foundation of game changing landscape in Capital to Commercialize Innovations.


Mr. Suresh Sharma recently co-founded Open Range Capital Partners (ORCP), and is its Managing Partner. In addition, he actively advises research faculty at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta as ‘Entrepreneur-In-Residence’ to help commercialize their innovations. The firm - ORCP - does investments into early and growth stage startups enabled by emerging digital technologies as well as their incubators and accelerators. The technologies include smart sensors, data, large and sparse data analytics, controls, machine learning, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain and cybersecurity. Earlier, since 2015, he has also been a partner in a PE & M&A financial advisory firm - Arcis Capital – where the focus has largely been on commercial real estate and media industry investments. A former GE executive, Suresh exemplifies a broad range of combination of business leadership, technology insights, and innovative entrepreneurial experiences. Suresh is a published author, and an internationally acknowledged speaker. He is well-known for internationally acclaimed two business books: the latest being - “The 3rd American Dream” (2014) – focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, and an earlier “Global Outsourcing” (2005) – inspired by his own hands-on experiences of setting up manufacturing and sourcing facilities in over 18 countries. Both the books are known for original and insightful business content and are in use by several executive-MBA programs in US, EU and Asian schools as well as by professionals. Currently, he along with his co-founder in ORCP – Mr. Karl Meyer – are working on “Industrializing Innovation – The Next Revolution” – a business book being published by Springer in coming months. Further, among other things, he is also helping transform existing US university & city ecosystems into futuristic 21st century innovation hubs. He is a global expert resource on state-of-the-art incubators and accelerators and has been advising several organizations in China and India. Over past two decades, he led five major technology and operational initiatives, and has served as President & CEO of four Startups/Ventures creating several billion dollars of value. With his quick ability to - sense and step-change business DNA - Suresh has specially contributed to: Energy and Power Industry (from ‘Wellhead to Consumer’ including Renewable and Grid-edge), and other businesses in manufacturing, aerospace, materials, sensors, e-Commerce, IT, sourcing, quality, healthcare and defense. During this phase he has been an engaging industry mentor and investor to several incubators and accelerators and helped hundreds of new ventures grow successfully. Suresh has been a life-long learner who kept updating himself on all aspects of multiple disciplines in several industries: Leadership, Operations, Project Management, Manufacturing, Design & Engineering, R&D, Product Development, Sales and Marketing, and M&A. He has advanced educational degrees from USA, UK and India. For more details: