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Big Data Security in the Age of Privacy


Data privacy has become a global concern affecting billions of people. Regulations such as GDPR have sprung up all over, and consumers are demanding that companies keep their personal information safe now more than ever before. But at the same time, cyberattacks are on the rise and data breaches seem like they're becoming a daily occurrence. As data continues to be one of the most valuable and sought after resources anywhere, criminals will continue to try and obtain it at all costs. So, what are organizations who rely on data of any type to do when caught between regulations, their customers and these cyber criminals? This talk will discuss some of the threats posed by malicious actors, insider threats and even accidental damages and provide executives, developers and scientists some strategies for protecting their data from these threats.

Who is this presentation for?
C-suite and executive management of companies focused on leveraging large amounts of customer data for their businesses | non-security personnel who build software and systems around data and may need to consider security as part of their design and development efforts

Prerequisite knowledge:
Some understanding of computers, networks and databases. Some understanding of privacy laws and regulation.

What you'll learn?
You'll learn strategies for securing and protecting data from the latest cyber threats by building stronger security controls right into your platforms, leveraging the right kind of metrics and monitoring tools, and how to promote better security culture at all levels of your organization.


Nathan has been designing, implementing, and managing technical and non-technical solutions for IT and information security organizations since 1997. He has helped government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies build new information security programs from scratch, as well as improve and broaden existing programs with a focus on process, workflow, risk management, and the personnel side of a successful security effort. Nathan brings his expertise on security program development and implementation in both the public and private sector to administrators, auditors, managers, C-Suite executives, and security professionals across a wide variety of organizations and companies around the globe. He is frequently quoted in publications such as USA Today, Forbes, The Washington Post,, Infosecurity Magazine, Dark Reading, SC Magazine, and contributes regularly to his own column on CSO Online, The Layer 8 Debate. Nathan is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and was selected due to his depth and diversity of experience in cybersecurity and is a frequent presenter on BrightTalk and a number of leading conferences worldwide.