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MLOps of AI platform


Data scientist are struggling to deploy their models to productions and need help form data engineer and data devOps to do so, it expands the life cycle. MLOps of AI platform, allows you to have CI/CD for ML/

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Data scientist develops and managers

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Deployed over 30 Big data solutions from scratch to production. I am an experienced manager with 13 years’ experience in various domains Banking, Healthcare, ecom-merce, Ad-tech, Fin-tech, Blockchain, fraud. I would take projects from scratch do the research, architecture, build up the team and deliver productions systems. I am great at working with a few projects at the same time, deliver Big Data, Data Science, server side, ML systems, maintain complicated warehouses of data. The systems would in-crease revenue, redesign the way company works, decrease expenses. I have created Hot Spot instances management system that would save 80% on server expenses.